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     NameProduct #Competitor #PriceCart Qty. 
    Yokes DA200 AC/DC Probe Only, 120V (13-50-02-01) DA200 AC/DC Probe Only, 120V13-50-02-01DA200$631.35 Add
    Yokes Contour Probe 'A' Kit (Must be added to probe)
 (13-50-19-01) Contour Probe 'A' Kit (Must be added to probe) 13-50-19-01 $170.20 Add
    Yokes Contour Probe 'B' Kit (Must be added to probe) (13-50-19-02) Contour Probe 'B' Kit (Must be added to probe)13-50-19-02 $285.20 Add
    Yokes DA200S AC/DC Probe Only, 230Volts (13-50-02-05) DA200S AC/DC Probe Only, 230Volts13-50-02-05DA200$631.35 Add
    Yokes DA400 AC/DC Probe Only, 120V (13-50-08-01) DA400 AC/DC Probe Only, 120V13-50-08-01DA400$604.90 Add
    Yokes DA400S AC/DC Probe Only, 230Volts (13-50-08-05) DA400S AC/DC Probe Only, 230Volts13-50-08-05DA400S$604.90 Add
    Yokes B100  AC Probe Only, 120V (13-50-01-01) B100 AC Probe Only, 120V13-50-01-01B100$491.05 Add
    Yokes B100S AC Probe Only, 230Volts (13-50-01-05) B100S AC Probe Only, 230Volts13-50-01-05B100S$491.05 Add
    Yokes B300 AC Probe Only, 120V (13-50-05-04) B300 AC Probe Only, 120V13-50-05-04B300$676.20 Add
    Yokes B300S AC Probe Only, 230Volts (13-50-05-05) B300S AC Probe Only, 230Volts13-50-05-05B300S$676.20 Add
    Yokes B310 Mini Contour Probe Only, 120V (13-50-06-01) B310 Mini Contour Probe Only, 120V13-50-06-01B310$585.35 Add
    Yokes B310S AC Probe Only, 230Volts (13-50-06-05) B310S AC Probe Only, 230Volts13-50-06-05B310S$585.35 Add
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