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Note: This is just a calibration for the specified product. If you would like your item calibrated please Contact Us to arrange shipping.
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Calibration Services Magwerks Brand Shunt Test Kits (Magwerks Brand Shunt Test Kits) Magwerks Brand Shunt Test Kits
Calibration Services SMTS-20 - Calibration (26-01-01-03) SMTS-20 - Calibration26-01-01-03 $282.00
Calibration Services SMTS-30 - Calibration (26-01-01-04) SMTS-30 - Calibration26-01-01-04 $292.10
Calibration Services SMTS-30 to 20,000 Amps - Calibration (26-01-01-05) SMTS-30 to 20,000 Amps - Calibration26-01-01-05 $308.90
Calibration Services Magwerks 20,000 Amp Shunt  - Calibration (26-01-01-06) Magwerks 20,000 Amp Shunt - Calibration26-01-01-06 $226.90
Calibration Services Other Brands of Ammeters - Shunt Kits (Other Brands of Ammeters - Shu) Other Brands of Ammeters - Shunt Kits
Calibration Services Analog Test Set Generic - Calibration (26-01-02-01) Analog Test Set Generic - Calibration26-01-02-01 $210.60
Calibration Services Magnaflux Service Test Kit - Calibration (26-01-02-02) Magnaflux Service Test Kit - Calibration26-01-02-02 $432.60
Calibration Services TSI ATS-20B - Calibration (26-01-02-03) TSI ATS-20B - Calibration26-01-02-03 $425.00
Calibration Services Ardrox DTM - Calibration (26-01-02-04) Ardrox DTM - Calibration26-01-02-04 $269.60
Calibration Services Recertification of Shunt to 6000A (26-01-02-05) Recertification of Shunt to 6000A26-01-02-05 $86.20
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