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Calibration Services Magwerks Light Meter HHLM-2 (Magwerks Light Meter HHLM-2)
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Magwerks Light Meter HHLM-2

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Magwerks Light Meter HHLM-2

This instrument was electro-optically calibrated in accordance with MIL-STD-45662A. This instrument has been calibrated using a standard of luminance intensity operating at a color temperature of 2865° Kelvin. The response curve of the sensor is designed to closely match the standard CIE curve. The sensor was mounted in a vertical position with the center of the photocell normal to the axis of the light source. An Optronics Laboratories programmable radiometer and a silicon detector coupled with a CIE photopic filter set were used for electrical/optical calibration crosscheck; all maintained in Magwerks Corporation's Metrology Laboratory. A test ratio of at least 10 to 1 was used for this equipment.

••This is for a Calibration Service only, NOT the product.

Note: This is just a calibration for the specified product. If you would like your item calibrated please Contact Us to arrange shipping.

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Calibration Services Magwerks HHLM-2 - Calibration (26-02-01-04) Magwerks HHLM-2 - Calibration26-02-01-04 $101.10

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