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Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine 2 Vector Helmholtz System (PSAF-2VHC)
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2 Vector Helmholtz System
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Standard FeaturesPart #
This Unit Is Primarily Intended For Production Testing Of Small Parts That Can Be - 
- Held In One Hand Such As Small Forgings, Fasteners, Bearing Races, Or Gears 
With One Inspector Typical Production Rates Are About 600 Pieces Per Hour 
With Two Inspectors The Rate Will Be About 1200 Parts Per Hour 
This Unit May Be Automatically Fed With Vibratory Bowl Feeders Or Conveyors -  
- Eliminating The Need For A Man To Load The Machine 
Generally No Man Is Needed For Unloading, The Parts Exit The Machine Via -  
- A Chute Into A Hopper, Container Or Exit Conveyor 
240VAC / 480VAC 60Hz 3Phase Input 
4,000 Amp AC Output 
5,000 Amp HWDC Output 
6,000 Amp FWDC Output 
14" Part Length Capacity 
Two Digital Ammeters with Reading Hold Feature, 1% Accuracy 
Adjustable Operator Control Panel 
Master Power Switch Located on Operator Control Panel 
Shot Selector Switch, Supervisor Settable - Single or Dual Mag Shots 
Solid State AC / DC Switching - No Cables to Change! 
Solid State Head / Coil Switching - No Contactors! 
Solid State Switching Between Vectors 
Equipped With Power Line Safety Contactor 
Fully Variable - Closed Loop Current Control with Controlled Break Feature 
Pump Operated By Solid State Contactor 
Can Be Operated In a Longitudinal Field Mode, Circular Field Mode, Or 2 Vector Mode 
All Magnetic Fields Are Indirectly Induced Assuring No Potential for Part Arcing 
Stainless Steel Pump - Upgrade10-30-35
16 Gauge Stainless Steel Tank Construction. 
Customer Choice Of Poly Or Hard Maple Grates 
Two Magwerks UB400SA - 400watt Blacklights on Sliding Tracks10-30-33-04
10" Wide Solid Stainless-Steel Woven Mesh Belt For Heavy Duty Operation10-04-99-20-02
2 Man Inspection Booth With Integral White Light And Ventilator 
Integral 12" Continuous Duty Demag Is Located On The Outboard End Of The Machine 

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