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Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine Tri-Vector Piston Machine (MV3-3446 Piston)
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MV3-3446 Piston
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Tri-Vector Piston Machine
Base Weight:N/A

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Standard FeaturesPart #
240VAC / 480VAC 60Hz 3Phase Input 
Three Digital Ammeters with Reading Hold Feature, 1% Accuracy 
Adjustable Operator Control Panel 
Master Power Switch Located on Operator Control Panel 
Ventilator & White Light Switch Located On Operator Control Panel 
Automag Sequencing Control with Guarded Foot Switch10-30-10-02
Automatic Decaying AC Demag 
Solid State Switching Between Vectors 
Solid State Demag Switching - No Reversing Contactors (when RDC equipped) 
Equipped With Power Line Safety Contactor 
Fully Variable - Closed Loop Current Control with Controlled Break Feature 
Maximum Current Limitation 
All Sequencing Controlled by Single Electronic Logic Unit 
Pump Operated By Solid State Contactor 
Can Be Operated In Coil, Contact, Central Conductor or Multi-Directional Modes 
18" Tall Light Curtain For Machine Guarding10-30-36
Stainless Steel Pump - Upgrade10-30-35
Heavy Duty Gasketed Rear Access Panels with Draw Latches 
Heavy Duty - Hinged & Gasketed Front Doors with Twist Latches 
Stainless Steel Tank & Hip Bar Construction 
Heavy Duty Pneumatic Headstock with Guarded Foot Switch  
Headstock Weight Loading is Transferred to Roller Slide - No Weight on Cylinder 
Heavy Duty Crank Driven Tailstock 
Heavy-Duty 1" x 3" Solid Steel Bed Rails 
Hard Maple Grates Front and Rear - 54" Machine08-02
Pneumatic Filter, Regulator, Moisture Separator & Lockout Valve Included 
Heavy Duty All Copper Busswork 
Tailstock Mounted Autobath Applicator - 18" Stroke10-30-07
Heat Exchanger - Closed Loop Design10-30-60-80-20KIT
Dual Palm Buttons For Cycle Start Operation10-30-10-11
MicroTouch Parts Menu System, 3"10-30-10-60-01
Paint Color - Magwerks Tan Baked Powder Coating 

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