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Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine 10" x 12" Free Standing AC Demagnetizer (FM-1012X)
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FM-1012X (#36)
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10" x 12" Free Standing AC Demagnetizer
Inventory: New

Base Weight:N/A

Note: For demagnetizers which require more power than the user has available, Magwerks can supply the demagnetizer with a ring down bank which will reduce the power line consumption by as much as 90%. For voltages other than standard listed voltages, it is then economical to use a voltage conversion transformer to power the demagnetizer. The voltage conversion transformer can also be supplied by Magwerks if desired.
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Applied Options 
Fused Master Disconnect (with or without ring down bank) 
Ring Down Bank 
Available Options 
Track & Carriage - Size 1 
Stainless Steel Table Tops - Size 1 

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