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Magwerks has over 110 different standard models of demagnetizers and each different model has an average of 6 different options, making the number of possible combinations a fantastic large number to choose from. Specialized systems that we have built are not listed on our website yet and are not counted in these numbers.
If we know what your actual needs are, we can tailor a system to your present and future needs. Magwerks has included an easy to fill out application form on this page, which will provide us with the necessary data to make a meaningful equipment-to-part match.
If you require a custom built system this data must be provided to us in order for us to provide a quotation. Custom systems may also require you to send us part samples and. If custom fixturing is required, part drawings may be necessary as well.
Because of the HUGE difference in the readings given by different magnetometers (Gaussmeters) on the market that all claim to read in Gauss and be certified, it is imperative that the make and model of the meter which you will be using to take residual readings be accurately provided on the application.
After we receive the completed application, a sales technician will contact you if any clarification is necessary. The Demagnetizer Application Data Sheet is provided to you in PDF form and requires Acrobat Reader to view. You can either print and fax the application to 317-241-8015 or simply electronically submit the pdf by using the submit button on the 2nd page of the document.  

Demag Application Data Sheet

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